As my previous post mentioned about sambal tuk tuk, which made of from andaliman. Therefore, in this post is about andaliman, the essential spice for bataknese cuisine.



Andaliman (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium DC) is indigenous to North Sumatra. Moreover, In Indonesia, the Bataknese cuisine the use of andaliman is essential food seasoning along with salt and kaffir lime. Naniura, Asrsik, Tombur, Sak Sang, and bataknese grilled pork, and chicken napinadar are the bataknese typical dishes that must have andaliman in order to make the delicious and authentic taste (, 2015)(, 2015).

bataknese grilled pork

bataknese grilled pork

Furthermore, it has a light citrus aroma but when we bite it can cause a numb sensation in the tongue although it is not as spicy as chili or pepper(, 2015).

Additionally, Andaliman is still part of the Rutacea family and close to a Sichuan or Szechwan pepper (Z. piperitum, Z. simulans, and Z. schinifolium). Therefore, Internationally, Andaliman is known as Szechwan pepper and it is also been used  as seasoning in Asian cuisine East and South Asia (, 2015)(, 2015).


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